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Furnace Repair Lincoln, CA

As the heat of the summer leaves and the nights chill up, furnaces become even more important. But technically, they're used year round because the fan motor in a furnace is responsible for moving air throughout the home. Astro Air Design is a local heating and air conditioning contractor who provides exceptional home comfort services. Not only do we sell and install quality furnaces, but we perform repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of equipment.

Furnace Repair Lincoln, CA - Advice You Can Trust

Have you ever been nervous when you took your car to a new mechanic? "Are they gonna rip me off?" you're thinking while watching them take the keys from your hand. Homeowners also have this same paranoia about HVAC companies, and rightly so. We see a lot of work done the wrong way, and it's sad because that not only affects the life of a system, but its performance and efficiency as well.

Astro Air Design does work the right way. When you call us out for service, we give you the rock solid advice we'd want if it were our home. We're not going to sell you equipment you don't need, or tell you to spend money repairing equipment that is about to die.

Customer Happiness

A lot of companies talk about customer satisfaction. Satisfaction? We want you THRILLED with our services. Our passion for this affects every part of our company, from answering the phone to new heating and air conditioning installations. Furnace repair Lincoln, CA: If you'd like service from a family-owned company who truly cares about your comfort both now and into the future, grab the phone and dial (916) 645-0882.
Furnace Repair Lincoln, CA
Heating installation Lincoln, CA

Heating Installation

Many heating and air conditioning systems only last 70% of the time they could have because the initial installation was not done the right way. Imagine purchasing all of the parts to a Lexus, but then hiring an inexperienced mechanic to assemble your car. Would your "Lexus" drive like a new one? Probably not. Astro Air Design installs systems the right way. We protect your hard earned money.
Free In-Home Estimates Lincoln, CA

Free In-Home Estimates

We've saved homeowners a lot of money by doing in-home estimates. Sometimes we're approached requesting a bid on equipment, but in reality it is equipment a person doesn't really need. Indoor comfort systems are complex, and sometimes a problem might be the result of something that seems unrelated, when in fact it is. Let us come to your home and give you the right advice for your specific needs.
UV Lamp

UV Lamp

UV lamps are used to address indoor air quality concerns in your home. One main way to benefit from a UV lamp is by mounting one in your evaporator coil. Wait...evaporator what? It's the indoor coil that holds refrigerant from the air conditioner. In the summer, the coil is warm and damp...a place mold loves to grow. If that happens it hurts cooling efficiency and can contaminate your air. A UV lamp prevents this.
Solar Energy

Solar Energy

It's exciting to implement solutions that we know will not just lower our customer's utility bills, but also help the environment as a whole. Solar energy is one such solution, and California is a great place to implement it! Astro Air Design specializes in solar energy for complete energy solutions or to supplement your power. Call us today to learn more about how you can save by harnessing energy from the sun!
Furnace Repair Lincoln, CA — We're excited that you're considering us for your indoor comfort requirements. Astro Air Design has the industry experience, technical expertise and dedication to our customers that sets us apart from the rest. Trust the comfort of your home with no one else. Grab that phone can dial (916) 645-0882 today! We service all makes and models of gas and electric equipment, including ductless systems.
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