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Heating Repair Lincoln, CA

Have you ever been there before? You wake up on a December morning, touch your feet to the floor and shiver at how cold the house feels? A quick check of the thermostat shows the indoor temp is in the 50's! This can happen when there's a problem with your furnace (or heat pump). Not only does a malfunctioning furnace affect comfort, but it can threaten the health of your family.

Heating Repair Lincoln, CA - Accurate Service

What do we mean by accurate service? We mean that when you call us out for any type of problem, we don't just swoop in an fix it. First, we accurately determine the cause, and then we check out your entire system in order to give you the best advice, and to check for other issues. Many homeowners sink money into old equipment that is only going to require further repair. We give you the advice we'd want to hear if it were our home, and then based on your decision, we peform the work according to industry best guidelines.

The Importance of Seasonal Maintenance

Heating repair Lincoln, CA -- if you want to avoid calling for repairs, then you need to make sure your system is maintained. Imagine what would happen if you skipped oil changes on your car -- would it die the next day? No. But over time fuel efficiency would decrease, and then one chilly night you'd find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a pricey repair bill ahead!

Astro Air Design offers low cost, seasonal maintenance for all makes of heating equipment. Let us help protect your investment! Call us today at (916) 645-0882.
Heating Repair Lincoln, CA
Furnace installation Lincoln, CA

Furnace Installation

We can't stress this enough -- the most important part of a home heating and air conditioning system is the design and installation. There are many, many things that must be done to properly size and install equipent. Every home is different and equipment must be selected and installed for the specific needs of the home. We do installations the right way. When you trust us, the result is efficient, reliable comfort.
Free In-Home Estimates Lincoln, CA

Free In-Home Estimates

Many other heating and air conditioning companies simply respond to a bid, assuming a homeowners knows exactly what they need. But since HVAC systems are not like choosing a car or appliance, we prefer to examine your home and system before making recommendations. We've saved customers a lot of money because sometimes the equipment they think they need, isn't really the problem.
Indoor Air Quality Lincoln, CA

Indoor Air Quality

Guess what happens inside your home when the windows and doors are shut tightly during the colder winter season? VOCs, bacteria, molds and other airborne contaminants build up with no way out. This can affect the health of your home and family! We install indoor air quality products that refresh, protect and purify the air your family breathes. Call us to learn more about air quality!
Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Green energy systems like solar energy are slowly lessening the impact we're having on our environment. Plus, green energy products also cut way down on those monthly utility bills! We're a Lincoln solar energy installation company, and happy to help homeowners take a step towards a more efficient home. Call us to learn about current state and local incentives!
Heating Repair Lincoln, CA — It just isn't every day you come across a company like us. We have the technical expertise to do the job the right way, and the passion to provide our customers with the finest indoor comfort solutions. Grab the phone and dial (916) 645-0882 for the finest HVAC service in the area!
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Heating Repair Lincoln, CA

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