Sacramento Air Conditioning Installation

Unless you're taking a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe, a reliable indoor comfort system is a must for a California summer season! Astro Air Design has been serving the area since 1975 as a family owned and operated Sacramento air conditioning installation company.

What can you expect when working with our company? Top quality solutions and customer service that will blow you away! The passion we bring to each job we do is what sets us apart.

Top-Quality Sacramento Air Conditioning Installation

Amazing customer service is great...but without the foundation of technical expertise it will only go so far! The good news is that we give you both. Too many homeowners have faced the challenges related to trusting an inexperienced heating and air contractor. The installation of your cooling system is paramount to realizing efficient, reliable performance. Sacramento air conditioning installation jobs not done right can cost thousands of dollars to undo. We urge you to avoid this stress, and trust our expertise for your home's indoor comfort system!

Astro Air Design has the knowledge required to size and install your system the right way. From equipment selection to ducting, we understand the fine details of an HVAC system, and you can rely on us to perform work according to industry best standards. We build on the foundation of equipment from leading manufacturers, and we're here after the job to maintain your system so that you enjoy years of efficient comfort. Call us today for a free, in-home estimate at (916) 645-0882!
Sacramento air conditioning installation
Sacramento Solar Energy

Solar Energy

California is one of the best places to install a solar energy solution! Granted, even the Seattle area receives enough sunlight to make solar energy worth it, but here in California, we enjoy many "kilowatts" of energy from above! There are two primary types of solar energy installations: Grid Inter-tied and off grid. The first means your home is still attached to the public utility grid which provides electricity if the demand exceeds what your solar installation can deliver. Off-grid is 100% solar dependent.
Sacramento Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

If you have experienced a radiant heating system, you know how much they can spoil you! Instead of blowing air like a forced air system, a radiant heating system uses piping installed in the flooring to heat your home. Hot water is pumped into the pipes, which causes a quiet, evently distributed layer of heat to rise for head to toe comfort! No more drafts and no more noise. It's a beautiful thing -- call us to find out more!
Radiant heating
Sacramento AC Installation

System Maintenance

Did you know that regardless of the age of your system, routine maintenance helps maintain efficiency and reliability? Imagine skipping oil changes on your vehicle. Would your car die after the first missed appointment. fact, it would probably keep running for a good long time. But fuel efficiency would decline, and eventually you'll be stranded on the side of the rode on a hot summer day. Your cooling system is no different. We service any brand of equipment!
Unico System

Unico "Ducting" System

The Unico System is an alternative to the typical large ducting installed in homes today. Unico "ducting" is made up of small, flexible mini-duct tubing that is designed to weave in and through existing construction. It uses a small, high-performance air handler that is whisper quiet. In fact, even the ducting is designed to absorb sound. With Unico you experience flexible, quiet comfort for a wide range of installations!
Unico System
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Sacramento Air Conditioning Installation
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