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Solar Energy Lincoln CA

Anyone can harness the energy of the sun, and benefit from our largest, renewable energy resource! Even Germany, which receives less sunlight than the Seattle area, has been a world leader at implementing solar energy solutions. However, the clear, sunny climate of California makes an ideal area for homeowners to implement this green energy option.

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Astro Air Design stands out from our competitors with a crazy high attention to detail, a dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, and a wealth of experience in both the HVAC and green energy areas. If you want a local company who puts customer concerns first and who has the technical expertise to provide industry leading solar installations...well, you've found that company!

Installation Types

This isn't a complete guide to installation types, but the primary options available are grid inter-tied and off grid systems. Grid inter-tied means your home is still connected to the public utilities. This means that you can have enough solar panels to either supplement your energy, or cover it completely with the main utilities as a backup. Plus, some cities allow you to send extra energy back into the public utility grid which will then be deducted off your energy bill! Off grid means your home is not connected to public utilities.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

This depends on the quality of the photovoltaic panels themselves, and obviously the care of the panels, but they easily last 25 years (most manufacturers offer this long of a warranty period). Some installations can even last 40 years as long as the panels are not cracked or damaged.
Solar Energy Lincoln CA
Air Conditioning Repair Lincoln CA

Air Conditioning Repair

In addition to specializing in green energy products, we're also a trusted HVAC company providing air conditioning repair, maintenance and new installations. Our experience in efficient air conditioning solutions combined with a solar panel installation makes for ideal, overall cooling for your home! We repair any make and model of equipment, and we perform the work to exceed industry guidelines.
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Free In-Home Estimates

Considering a new indoor comfort or energy solution? Let us have the chance to meet you, take a look at your home and listen to your comfort and/or energy goals. We'll make recommendations that fit your needs precisely! Simply grab your phone and dial (916) 645-0882 to setup a free comfort estimate!. You'll be very happy you gave us a chance to enhnace your indoor comfort!
Solar energy Lincoln CA — We're really glad you found us online, and we appreciate your consideration to use our company! Our work and service is second to none. Benefit from our years of experience, and the friendly service of a local, family-owned company!
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Solar Energy Lincoln CA

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